domingo, 28 de febrero de 2010

Lost Maine Photos

I found these pictures from our time in Maine. We went to bed with no snow and woke up to a foot of snow.
Lost in the snow for hours.

viernes, 26 de febrero de 2010

Murga: Rhythmic signing and choreographed dancers in colorful suits.

The other day (the day before lent). I was walking the streets with my friends and we came across a crew of Murgeros.

Murga is something that Ive never seen anywhere else I have been. Its a combination of a carnival, a soccer match, a drum army and mardi gras.
From what I gather, they are crew of drummers and dancer from different neighbourhoods that get together to celebrate Carnival.

Their beats decadently-hyponitic, all you can do is sway with the beat.

jueves, 25 de febrero de 2010

Road Kill and other animals that died tragically.

There has always been something so sobering about roadkill to me.
Raccoon, Mouse, Pigeons (how does a pigeon get by a car; I wish there was some Planet Earth footage), Cats, Dogs, Horses (a least in Argentina) and other anonymous animals.

A corpse of an ex-living thing laying on the road as you drive you ten-speed bike or jog recreantly.
I used to stop to pay my respect to these lifeless carcasses and curiously observe insects (mainly large black ants) dissect their bodies for food.

Roadkill and dead animals in general.
Its a reminder of the fragility and frailty of life. Which stinks.

miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2010

Paula Duró

Every once is a while you find something and you say "Yeah, that's it."

This is very much the case when I look at Paula work.

A native of Buenos Aires she gives here work color and flair.

Combination of vibrancy and originality.

Check out here work

Check out her work

She has recently made this flyer for an ZZK Event...its great.

lunes, 22 de febrero de 2010

Michel Gondry vs. Bollywood

I love Michel Gondry dont get me wrong. One of my favorite directors....period.

But when it comes to creative color-dancing-choreography, I think Bollywood has it down.

Michel you got nothing on Bollywood.

viernes, 19 de febrero de 2010


miércoles, 17 de febrero de 2010


My brother smart man that he is, designed this t-shirt and I told him I wanted one.

lunes, 15 de febrero de 2010


If the Kraftwerk sound were to reincarnate in our time and day, it would be in the sonic presence of Niño. Glitchy, analogical and grooving.

Definitely worth listening.

sábado, 13 de febrero de 2010

Bryant Johnson

I saw these and I asked my Bryant if I could post them. He answered "Of course, cheers."
Classic Missouri love from a Missourian (?).

jueves, 11 de febrero de 2010


Cultural Learnings:

Bottom line: Oruro is a crazy party in Bolivia held every year in Februrary initially its just a big party.

Im attracted to cultures. I have a penchant for countries, colors and tastes.
I understand that this is the cool thing to do now-a-days: Liking to travel and such.

Regardless of this bourgoise ideal of travel, Oruro is one of those things I want to do before kicking the bucket or _________(insert cheesy metaphor/idiom of death)

martes, 9 de febrero de 2010

Elias Santi

check out Elias Santi

sábado, 6 de febrero de 2010

Romka Zine 4

Circling this enormous informative circuit we call the "internet".

It is annoying, overwhelming, sad, exciting, confusing, but mainly overwhelming.

So when in the search for great art and photos; "zine's" are ideal in collecting great stuff so we can focus some time and see some good fotos in a short amount of time. Mainly killing all the time you would spend searching.

One that raises to the top is romka, "ROMKA is a magazine for photography and features international
amateurs, students and professionals."

They excel at what they do. Check them out and you can even download the zines.

viernes, 5 de febrero de 2010