viernes, 30 de julio de 2010

Profile: Matyas Bloo Laurel

I just was looking at some pictures from a friend, Matyas Bloo Laurel, thought I would post a project he did for Peluqueria Prana in Buenos Aires.

He's gotta good eye for capturing the sass and class of Buenos Aires.

Me re cavio, PIBE! Aguante Zona Norte! jaja!

jueves, 29 de julio de 2010

Fluker Love

In the super saturated-over powering music super industry its hard to find bands that have not been super blogged.

One band I have found on Merok Records is Fluker Love.

English guy, who makes the Atlas Sound shoe-gaze noise dream rock possible with a minimal sound.

He has put out an EP out called "Soaked", check it out.

miércoles, 28 de julio de 2010

Donk and Jesus

This is a very confusing statement, I know: Donk and Jesus.

When I saw the title in this youtube video, I sadi to myself “No way.”

If you don’t know what Donk is, well it is something between Hardcore Techno and Nu Metal Rapping. Plus, all the MC’s have heavy northern English accents.

A great combo to say the least.

So not only, is the original video outreagoues, but the Donk Remix is just as insane.

martes, 27 de julio de 2010

Airport Desolation

Coming into Denver, I snapped some shots and thought.

That the pictures were reminiscent of an dream, somber, desolate and industrial. Eerie. nonetheless.

lunes, 26 de julio de 2010

Desert in the Clouds

Flying yesterday I took these pictures, so magical and distant.

sábado, 24 de julio de 2010

Fresno and Sleepy Sun

California. First Time....Fresno.

I have had a great time relaxing with Friends.

One thing I will say: Hot. Luckily, its nice and Dry.

The other night we went over to Visalia and saw "Sleepy Sun".

This Super-Psych quintet, nailed some dreamy and esoteric vibes
in their complex set.

They will be at ATP (All Tommorows Parties), this year curated by Jim Jarmusch.

It was simple, good and powerful. Check it out FEVER

miércoles, 21 de julio de 2010

Mystical Car Trips

I have been traveling for 2 months now and I need to blog about my adventures.

But I came across these pictures and thought I should share them.

They were taken in Colorado about 2 years ago.

Early light+ snow + movement= eerie lands.

lunes, 19 de julio de 2010

Ode to A Travel Partner

So for the last 3 weeks I have been traveling with my brother, Christopher.

Today officially we have been separated. He stays in Seattle and I move south to Fresno.

I wonder, what did lewis do when clark left or vice versa?

We have logged a solid 2300 miles (conservative estimation) I must venture alone into the known un-known world of Urban utopias and surbubias.

Thanks Chris.

Jacques Brel - Ne Me Quitte Pas

Only tears.

martes, 13 de julio de 2010

Missed Dates and Neighboring Soils

So.....the trip to the North Country had been uneventful until today. OH TODAY!

After sleeping 5 hours in the airport we arose out of the floor that was our bed and went to the ticket counter.

4:15 AM Conversation:

Me: Hey, Chris?

Chris: Yeah, whats up?

Me: So....this ticket is for the 12th of July and today is the 13th.

Chris: (Speechless)

Me: OH NO!

Chris: (Speechless) (Now with a face of consternation and confusion.)

Me: WELL, I dont know how missed that one. Canada is kind of a big deal.


After hours of haggling and negotiating, wondering if we would even make it to our red and white neighbours.

We did....but it cost us. 275 dollars. Major ouch.

The journey continues among sleepless eyelids and long flights.

I am now sitting on a plane going to vancouver and I cant believe I am using the interenet. This stuff really exists, and it is what the world revolves on.

I am on a Plane to Vancouver, listening to Broken Social Scene (Canadian) and driking Canada Dry (Obviously Candadian)....So far so good...

Now I hope to meet up with my brother in the Blessed North.

lunes, 12 de julio de 2010

The American-Canadian Venture

I am sitting on a bus headed towards Denver to then take a flight to Vancouver.

Where we are going. Where we are coming from.

Buses have been a recurring trend to this venture, we took a bus from Springfield, MO to Fort Collins, CO. But in between we stopped at 13 different locations in the Mid-West.

There are stories that include teeth-less men and women who saw puddles of blood.

All in all a great trip.

More updates to come.

martes, 6 de julio de 2010

Cortez The Killer

One of the most powerful songs, in music history.

domingo, 4 de julio de 2010

Tropic Face by S.Cobb

The ever creative S. Cobb created a the new face for Tropic Face. Very cool....