martes, 13 de julio de 2010

Missed Dates and Neighboring Soils

So.....the trip to the North Country had been uneventful until today. OH TODAY!

After sleeping 5 hours in the airport we arose out of the floor that was our bed and went to the ticket counter.

4:15 AM Conversation:

Me: Hey, Chris?

Chris: Yeah, whats up?

Me: So....this ticket is for the 12th of July and today is the 13th.

Chris: (Speechless)

Me: OH NO!

Chris: (Speechless) (Now with a face of consternation and confusion.)

Me: WELL, I dont know how missed that one. Canada is kind of a big deal.


After hours of haggling and negotiating, wondering if we would even make it to our red and white neighbours.

We did....but it cost us. 275 dollars. Major ouch.

The journey continues among sleepless eyelids and long flights.

I am now sitting on a plane going to vancouver and I cant believe I am using the interenet. This stuff really exists, and it is what the world revolves on.

I am on a Plane to Vancouver, listening to Broken Social Scene (Canadian) and driking Canada Dry (Obviously Candadian)....So far so good...

Now I hope to meet up with my brother in the Blessed North.

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