miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2009

The day before the day before Christmas (Simply the 23rd of December)

This is year I have been out of the Christmas rush of things because, I have simply just not been in the rush of things.
Since I have been out of the rush I havent been able to immerse myself in the insanity to which people call Christmas.

Here in Argentina things are a little more tranquil. People are running around buying last minute gifts instead they are buying food for when they are going to have a big family party tommorow night.
The 24th here is a big deal, you eat alot and blow fireworks.
I quite the way to celebrate baby Jesus being born on a "silent night".

In order to make myself think its Christmas I have been listening to some Christmas music.
Its not your typical Andy Williams, but its Christamasy and hopping. Perfect for Christmas in the heat.

Sufjan Steven's Astral Inter Planet Space Captain Christmas Infinity Voyage, Volume VIII

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