martes, 22 de diciembre de 2009

Music of the Year according to Timothy K

Tim K is one of those friends you have to which you listen to when it comes to life, music and things in general. So as a homage to him I decided to post a note he recently put on facebook concerning Music.

The irony and choice will leave you entertained.

My list was chosen based on the amount that I listened to them.

Biggest disappointments:
Pelican – What we all come to need
Guided By Voices – Suitcase 3: We go up now
Devendra Banhart – What will be will be
Cursive – momma i’m swollen
Mars Volta – Octahedron
Themselves - crownsdown

Notable mentions:
Mew – No more stories are told today, I’m sorry they washed away
Bear in Heaven – Beast Rest Forth Mouth
Mountain Goats – Life of the world to Come
Gregor Samsa – Over Air
Lightning bolt – Earthly delights
MewithoutYou - It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All A Dream! It's Alright
Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca ( I know this should be in my top 10 but I didn't know about it until a few days ago, so I haven't listened to it as much as I would have liked.)

10.) Coalesce – OX

Very unexpected release from a band that I thought broke up 8 years ago. Great blend of blues and hardcore. In a world where Owl City exists this album is lucky to have even been considered, let alone to have been chosen to be at the end of this list.
9.) Between the Buried and Me – The Great Misdirect

It was no colors but I still couldn't stop listening to it from start to finish each time. It can't really stand up Owl City but then again what can?!
8.) EfterKlang – Performing Parades

No, this isn't an excuse to use parades as an 09 release because I missed it in 07. I really like the intensity and musicianship that comes across in a live recording that is often impossible to put in a studio album.

Plus you have to love them because they're Danish. Plus it's not a killer app like Owl City but it will have to do.
7.)The Volcano Choir – Unmap

great beat driven folk here. Since there isn't any folk in Owl City I wonder why I even put this on here.
6.) Do Make Say Think – Other Truths

This was another surprise to me. I haven't listened to DMST in a long time and when I stopped listening I was pretty sick of them. But I really liked this. If this album sounded a little more like Owl City it could have been at number number five.
5.) David Bazan – Curse your branches

Musically this is no Pedro the Lion, and I thought the tracks were kind of boring even though they showed great variety stylistically, were well recorded and produced very well . Lyrically it's amazing. I was most disappointing that the vocals weren't autotuned. After Owl City I don't think I can listen to vocals any other way.
4.) Animal Collective – Merriweather post Pavilion

Everyone knows about this. It's great. no big whoop. I know in terms of originality and badassness it doesn't hold a candle to Owl City but it will have to suffice.
3.) Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest

Beautiful beautiful album. The production values are amazing. A lot of work went into this and it shows. Though I'm sure Owl City's production values were much higher.
2.) Isis – Wavering Radiant

Another album that I didn't see coming. I've always preferred Cult of Luna to Isis, but this album changed that. It's epic, sludgy, spacey, organ driven, psychedelic metal. Of course my standards in each of the previous areas were defined based solely on the level by which they were utilized by Owl City.
The Flaming Lips – Embryonic

I never expected to ever see the Flaming Lips on one of my top ten. This album blew me away. Maybe it's because I had no expectations but I can't stop listening to this. It's no Owl City but then again what is?

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